Strategy and perspective

Mehr Novin Residence Development Co. enters into the residence market of Iran and other markets through mass construction, construction of suburbs, commercial, administrative, and cultural buildings with the-state-of-the-art technology and skillful staff and considering the following managerial principles:

 Honesty and obligation

2.     Quality and customer needs

3.     Accountability against customers

4.     Creativity and innovation

5.     Promotion of staff consent



The company applies the following policies and systems to achieve the goals:

1.     To apply managerial methods to decrease time and cost and increase quality

2.     To do R&D activities and applying modern methods in designing, development, and construction, and knowledge transfer

3.     To consider architectural principles regarding to cultural, ethnic, and climate features

4.     To apply modern technologies in construction industry

5.     To concentrate on quality in all levels of projects including designing, materials supply, management of machinery, implementation of projects, delivery of products, by training human force and using high quality management systems

6.     To consider construction codes and strengthening buildings against earthquakes

7.     To design and implement green spaces for complexes

8.     To use quality management system according to ISO 9001-2000

9.     To apply project management systems and portfolio management systems according to PMBOK and PPM standards

To apply the-state-of-the-art software in projects

Contact Info:

Address: No.8, Shah Nazari St., Mirdamad Blvd., Tehran - Iran

Phone: +98 (21) 22913590-8

Fax: +98 (21) 22913599


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